29.5ft Pan Tilt Head 10 Kilo Camera Jib Arm Crane LCD Tripod Kit

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29.5ft Pan Tilt Head 10 kilo Camera Jib Arm Crane LCD Monitor Tripod Kit

Enhanced anise tube design, Arm tube diameter and material in the design are considered the more safety coefficient, to avoid shaking during horizontal moving . Every components are optimized design, fully considered safety and durability. Parts processing by CNC equipment, make sure all machining accuracy and arm performance .

specification :

Length of arm ---- 29.5ft

Pan Tilt Head load  ---  10 kilo

Speed adjustable --- stepless speed regulation

Rotation Angle ----  horizontal and vertical 720 degrees

Pan Tilt speed ---- minimum 4 minutes/turn to the highest 6 RPM

working voltage ---- DC12V

Power supply ---- AC and DC

Material ----  high-strength aluminum alloy

Surface treatment ---- Specular wrinkles paint

Unit length --1.1m/section ( jib arm Wall thickness 3-3.5mm,Each section are the same size, you can assembly different length freedom , jib arm body isosceles triangle shape, bottom size 86mm, high 100mm )

Package ---- three pcs  Flight aluminium case

Weight --- 90kilo

Apply to Panasonic, Sony, Canon, etc, with the LANC,ACC, REMOTE terminal interface camera

What you will get :

29.5ft jib arm

Pan Tilt system

The controller system of pan tilt

The controller of DV Camera

External power pack supply (  Both of AD or DC available )

Professional base of tripod and dolly

7 inch 16:9 Monitor

 9m, 5.7m waterproof steel wire

ABS pro air aluminium case( 123X50X36, 123X50X32,87X50X44)  

a set of tools for installation

( Balance weight and camera not included! )