CAME-18T PRO Carbon Fiber Fluid Head Tripod For URSA FS7 Etc.

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The CAME-18T PRO Carbon Fiber Fluid Head Tripod is lightweight yet very sturdy due to the design and use of carbon fiber. Carbon fiber construction provides a stable platform and is not prone to corrosion as aluminum can be. The tripod extends to 168 cm (66 inches) quickly via the quick clamping system. The 100mm bowl fluid head provides smooth and stable movement for larger cameras such as the Blackmagic Design URSA, RED or Sony FS7. The fluid head also features an illuminating level bubble that makes leveling in dark situations much easier.

Key Features

  • Material: Carbon fiber
  • Load :  Head 6-20kg   Tripod 40kg
  • Tilt Range:  +90°/-75°
  • Dynamic Balance: 8 Modes
  • Pitch Damping: 6 Modes
  • Lateral Damping: 6 Modes
  • Temperature: -45℃-60℃
  • Bowl: 100mm Bowl
  • Handle:460mm handle
  • Working Height: 410mm-1680mm

Kit Includes

1pc: CAME-18T PRO Carbon Fiber Tripod
1pc: 100mm Bowl Fluid Head
1pc: Fluid Head Handle
1pc: Tripod Spreader
1pc: Carry Bag