CAME-TV C700S Bi-Color LED Edge Light

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Product Information

The CAME-TV C700S Bi-Color LED Edge Light is a lightweight, portable, and affordable lighting solution. Also available in a 2-piece set and 3-piece set, the C700S Bi-Color LED Edge Light is the ideal mobile studio lighting solution for any photo, video, or film production. Operates on  either AC power or rechargeable battery, both of which are included. Also available in daylight models.

The C700S Bi-Color LED Edge Light has 240 LEDs that are arranged on the outer edge and facing inwards at special diffusion material. The light from the panel is diffused which makes it easier on the talents eyes over traditional LED lights. The Bi-Color LED bulbs provide a color range from 3200K to 5600K allowing for creating custom colors to match the environment or a targeted look.

All CAME-TV LED Edge Light Panels are powered through AC or industry standard Sony batteries (NP-F or V-Mount), which makes them perfect for both studio and remote location productions. Plus, all units come with a built-in dimmer that gives you complete control over the brightness of your lighting setup.

Whether you’re a broadcast professional, or filmmaking enthusiast, our CAME-TV C700S Bi-Color LED Edge Light is the perfect lighting solution for any of your production needs.

Key Features:

  • PMW integrated digital designed, dimmable 10%-100%, flicker-free
  • Adjustable from 3200K to 5600K
  • LCD screen conveniently displays the color temperature, brightness and battery level
  • Lateral LED layout makes the light much softer, no need for an additional diffuser
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor, portrait and wedding, interviews and is especially good when working with babies
Product Videos

Review video of the Came-TV C-700S Bi-Color LED Light by Tom Antos

Product Images

CAME-TV C700D Daylight LED Edge Light

CAME-TV C700D Daylight LED Edge Light

CAME-TV C700D Daylight LED Edge Light

CAME-TV C700D Daylight LED Edge Light

What's Included
CAME-TV C700D Daylight LED Edge Light

Kit Includes

1pc: C700S Bi-Color LED Edge Light
1pc: AC/DC Wall Adapter
1pc: Battery Charger
2pc: NP-F960 Battery
1pc: Carry Bag

NOTE: Light stand is not included

Number of LED's 240
Illuminance 1065 Lux/1m, 350Lux/2m
Beam Angle 75°
Color Temperature 3200K ±200K ~ 5600K ±300K
CRI >90
Continuous Working Time Approx 1.6 Hrs
Output Power 60W
Working Voltage DC 14.5V - 16.8V
Battery Type Rechargeable Lithium, 6600mAH, 7.4V
Battery Lifetime Charge and Discharge for Approx 500 Times
Battery Recharging Time Approx 8-10 Hrs
Battery Level 4 Segments
Dimensions Diameter 45 x 1.3 cm (17.7 x 0.5 in)
Weight 2.85 kg (6.28 lbs)

Note: Specifications subject to change without notice