CAME-TV Rig For Sony A6300 / A6500 Camera With Handle Cage Baseplate

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Our modular cage is designed to fit the Sony a6300 and a6500 perfectly. This cage provides easy access to the battery allowing you to replace it without removing the camera from the cage. CNC Machined from aluminum this cage is light weight and very strong. There are lots of threaded holes on the cage to attach accessories. The included base plate and handle have 15mm rod hole(s) which allows for mounting accessories and expanding the rig.

The cage comes with cable locks for HDMI and USB cables to protect your camera from damage. The new Sony a6300 can be powered from a basic USB Battery, but in order to keep your camera safe from damage it is important to lock the cable from any movement.

Key Features

  • Multiple threaded holes
  • Modular assembly
  • HDMI Locks
  • CNC machined aluminum


CAME-TV Rig for Sony a6300

CAME-TV Rig for Sony a6300

CAME-TV Rig for Sony a6300

CAME-TV Rig for Sony a6300

CAME-TV Rig for Sony a6300


CAME-TV Rig for Sony a6300


The optional cooling fan kit includes a cooling fan, a fan bracket for mounting and a 2 foot (65cm) USB cord to power the fan.

CAME-TV Rig for Sony a6300 with fan

The optional wooden handle provides an attractive finish and are comfortable to grip providing a warmer surface than that of cold metal.

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