CAME-TV V-Mount Battery Plate Power Supply System 15mm Rod VM03

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  • 5V, 8V, 12V, 14.8V, output interface (insert with stronger ,adopts the design of air plug bayonet)
  • USB 5V output interface (for mobile phone charging, etc.)
  • At the same time also has a Canon input/output interface (IN/OUT14.8-17 v)
  • Short circuit protection, cooling ventilation function.
  • Default is 15mm rod system, 19mm rod system is optional (contact us)

The plate features: when the plate on A battery, and don't want to let the machine shut down,At this time can be inserted through the external battery B on the plate type B interfaces or cannon interfaces to continue to power up the mechine,Then the plate of A battery to replace a piece of C battery with power.


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Battery plateCAME VM03 Platev-mount battery plate