Inspire 1 Pro X5 Travel Case

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Brand new DJI Inspire 1 case with wheels from TeraDrones provides a protective solution for storing and transporting your drone and accessories. In addition to the three handles for carrying, the case has a pull-out handle to wheel the case when traveling. The case is made out of heavy duty plastic and professional foam to protect your expensive drone. 
Fits the X5 camera.
The TeraDrones Inspire 1 Case fits:
  • The Inspire 1 Pro Quadcopter when in Travel Mode
  • Two remote transmitters (radio controllers)
  • Five flight batteries
  • One battery charger
  • Two monitors up to 10"
  • Two cavities for miscellaneous accessories
  • Note: The Inspire 1 needs to be configured in Travel Mode before placing it in the case. Please refer to the Inspire 1's user guide for instructions on enabling Travel Mode.