Load 10kg Heavy Machine Crane Jib Arm Jibs + Tripod + Dolly

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Big load enough for 10kg heavy machine Camera Crane Jib Arm Jibs Video + Tripod+Mini Dolly


This model have new design from Head ,  The " Bird-head" design is more easy for shooting. 

It is big load enough for 10kilo heavy camera .  

Product Parameter:Model B

1.Folding length: 1.38m

2.Net weight: 9.5kg

3.Front arm: 1.5m

4.Rear arm: 1m

Jib Arm Specification:

Apply to all DV camcorders (5D2,EX280...etc.)

Min Working Height: 30cm

Max Working Height: 300cm

Maximum Load:Enough for 10kg Camera 

Head Fitting Accessory: 65mm-100mm Tripod / Pan head

Rotation Angle: horizontal 360 degrees,

Horizontal WorkingDiameter: ∮300cm

Material: Stainless steel

Tripod specification:

Folded height:850mm

Max.Operating height:1650mm

Mini Operating height: 800mm

Bowl :75mm

Net weight:4.65kg

Max.load capacity:20kg 

What you will get:

1pcs Jib arm

1pcs 20kilo load Tripod  ( Pan head is included)

1pcs Dolly 

3pcs Carrying bag

1pcs support plate with bowl

1pcs Transfer Bowl( Balance weight not included , you can buy Balance weight at Fitness equipment shop very easy )