Mini Jib Arm Crane For 1-3kilo Camera Video Jibs Boom Photo

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Mini Jib Arm Crane for 1-3kilo Camera Video Jibs Boom Photo


Some of customer ask if there have "Ball head " for jib arm.  "Ball head" is our old version ,  all our updating version jib arm do not have "Ball head " .  when you use the jib arm ,  "Ball head " sometimes move their seat .  so our new updating version abandon Ball head , but build in damp ,  you can move jib arm smoothly.   what is more , you can connect  65mm - 75mm -100mm tripod bowl directly .

Made of high quality aluminum alloy and high carbon steel , with a special refining process to make arm lighter, 

more stable,and shock resistance, Balance weight lever with telescopic design, enables a user to more 

easily and rapidly open or close jib arm, while more convenient to adjust the ballance weight, compatible with most 

professional DV tripod on the moarket. compatible with 1-3 kg of DV Cameras in market,it is a excellent