TeraDrones DJI Inspire One Travel Case

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The DJI Inspire 1 Travel Mode Case from TeraDrones provides a handy solution for storing and transporting your quadcopter and its accessories. In addition to the aircraft and built-in camera, the case will hold two transmitters (radio controllers), five flight batteries and one charger, two monitors with a screen up to 10", and features two cavities for miscellaneous items such as spare props, cables, and other items. 

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Please Note: The Inspire 1 needs to be configured in Travel Mode before placing it in the case. Please refer to the Inspire 1's user guide for instructions on enabling Travel Mode.

The TeraDrones Inspire 1 Case fits:

The Inspire 1 Quadcopter when in Travel Mode
Two transmitters (radio controllers)
Five flight batteries
One battery charger
Two monitors up to 10"
Two cavities for miscellaneous accessories