Wireless Remote (for SINGLE, ARGO, MINI3, PRODIGY, and OPTIMUS Gimbals)

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The Wireless Remote, for the Single Argo, Mini-3, Prodigy and Optimus Gimbals, is a convenient way to remotely control Pan and Tilt on your compatible gimbal. The remote feature works well with a second operator controlling the camera’s movements as the first operator moves around the set. Achieve perfect framing and complete more complex camera movements by working with Dual Operators. If you have your gimbal mounted to the end of a long Crane or Jib you can control easily control the camera with this remote. The system connects via Bluetooth up to 30 feet away. (Range will vary depending on Line of Sight and environmental interference.)


This video will show you how to determine if your CAME-SINGLE Gimbal is compatible with this optional accessory and installation instructions for compatible units.


Wireless Remote

Wireless Remote